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CRM Integration

Having an integrated solution provides you with a centralized view of all your customer information at one single platform. Aaxiom Info Tech offers complete range of CRM solutions to businesses across USA. We strive to offer you the best customer experience by helping you integrate your business into other back-office solutions such as your accounting packages or ERP solutions. We have a team of experienced consultants that can support you with all your integration needs. Our real-time integration solutions deliver you seamless processes across teams within your business and reduce the need for handoff between departments

Sales and Customer Support

For any sales executives, there is nothing more horrifying than to follow-up on a potential lead only to be declined later. If they knew exactly what support issues a lead is having, they can modify their sales pitch to make a persuasive demonstration. At Aaxiom Info Tech we help you through our CRM integration for support and sales teams capitalize on their brilliance.

Perceptibility for your sales team

With the help of our CRM Integration, your sales executives can view issues that are troubling their potential leads and what their status is.
At last, sales executives can demonstrate that they care resolve raised by their leads, and not just hurry into completing a sale!

Sales statistics for support agents

With our CRM integration, support executives can now view all the critical contact details and which sales agent is following up on them that way support agents
will have a bird’s eye view about which tickets needs to be closed quickly with a proper resolution.

Website & CRM Integration

Our technical expert team offer real-time integration between your website and CRM to ensure lead capture directly into your CRM solution with automated activities if required.

Better customer commitment

When Sales executives commits themselves about the lead’s support issues, and the support team commits themselves to improve business impact only means wonders for your business. Both sales and support can participate with leads and cooperate in getting the support issues fixed

Instant Connectivity through Various Systems

Aaxiom Info Tech offers a number of pre-built application and technology connectors that help you connect your CRM system to ERP, marketing automation, databases, and other business systems. Now easily synchronize your data between your CRM software in real-time, extract data from your CRM system to perform analytics, or even migrate data from one CRM to another.

Customer relationship management software (CRM) helps companies streamline their sales and outreach processes by managing their customer database, tracking communications, and forecasting sales. It includes campaign management, email marketing, and interaction tracking.
CRM software can be applied to small, medium & large organization to streamline all your business process. CRM software tracks customer interaction, stores information, and automates marketing efforts while helping to increase customer satisfaction and retention, as well as help grow sales and manage revenue.
Anyone who is interested in increasing customer retention and satisfaction can be benefitted from CRM software. CRM software is used across all types of industries, from hospitality and finance to manufacturing and consulting.
Using CRM software you can improve your customer service & build customer relationships. Your everyday tasks of automation, collaboration and communication across teams will be improved with CRM software. The software also helps in retaining your customers and generating more & more revenues for your business.

Our Integration Platforms For CRM System Integration Success

Our data integration platforms not only accelerate data integration projects but we strive for overall integration success. Our simple, pre-built solutions speed up integration development, deployment and adaptation. Our solutions seamlessly handle the unique complexities of your organization with best CRM integration techniques. Contact us for:

  • Accelerating your business growth with major CRM, ERP, marketing automation, and data enrichment applications.
  • Integrate, replicate and migrate data from both cloud-based and on-premise applications
  • Intuitive, code-free graphical interface simplifies custom integrations
  • A self-documenting interface, collaboration features and management console to simplify management of integrations across their entire lifecycle

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